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About Us

Dove Gospel – Network

About Us

Welcome to Dove Gospel – Multinational, a community anchored in deep faith and a commitment to sharing the love and teachings of Jesus Christ across the globe. Our journey is not just about spreading a message; it’s about living a mission.

Our Core Beliefs

At the heart of Dove Gospel – Multinational is our unwavering belief in one God, revealed as Father in creation, Son in redemption, and Holy Spirit in regeneration. We embrace the fullness of God in Jesus Christ, acknowledging His divine nature, virgin birth, sinless life, and miraculous works. His victorious death and resurrection are the cornerstone of our faith, offering salvation to all humanity.

We recognize the sinful nature of mankind and the universal need for salvation, which we believe is attainable through the New Birth experience as taught by the apostles. This includes faith in Jesus as Savior, repentance, baptism in Jesus’ name, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues. Our faith is rooted in the infallibility of the Bible, the existence of Satan, the significance of the Lord’s Supper, and the promise of final resurrection and judgment.

Our Mission

Dove Gospel – Multinational is dedicated to facilitating a global network that intertwines spiritual growth with practical support. Our mission encompasses healthcare, education, and care services, with a focus on nurturing both the physical and spiritual well-being of communities. Our vision extends to creating a significant impact through active interaction and partnerships, fulfilling the great commission by being a living embodiment of Christ’s teachings.

Our Structure

Our organization comprises five key departments, each playing a vital role in our mission:

  1. Church: Our spiritual foundation, fostering faith, and community.
  2. Health: Addressing global health challenges, with a focus on underserved regions.
  3. Education: Empowering communities through enlightening educational programs.
  4. Care: Offering 24/7 support and prayer through our dedicated Care Team.
  5. Studio (TV/Radio): Broadcasting messages of hope and unity, enriching lives globally.

Our Flagship Initiative: 24×7 Prayer and Support Service

Reflecting our belief in the power of prayer and support, our 24×7 service stands as a testament to our commitment to being present for those in need, anytime, anywhere.

Our Global Reach

With a presence in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, India, and Australia, Dove Gospel – Multinational is not just an organization but a global movement. We balance our international reach with a deep commitment to local community engagement.

Join Us

We invite you to be part of Dove Gospel – Multinational. Whether you’re seeking spiritual growth, looking to contribute to our health and education initiatives, or wanting to engage with our media content, your involvement is a valuable part of our mission.

Together, let’s continue to be a voice of faith, a hand of help, and a heart of compassion, bringing the light of Christ to every corner of the world.